What makes a password strong

So you have been told to make a strong password for one (or all!) of your accounts, be it banking, ebay, Spotify, or anything else.

What is a strong password?

Advice varies, but a good start has to be what HM Government’s Cyber Aware website has to say. See this short video:

We would also like to see at least two capital letters, numbers, and what is called a ‘special character’, e.g. # ! & $ *

Never use your name, relatives’ names, a pet’s name, or other personal information that might in fact be known by those close to you.

But won’t I just forget it straight away?!

How to remember strong passwords

There are some simple memory tricks and techniques that could help you if you’re struggling to remember your strong passwords. Just don’t write them down anywhere!

  • Loci method: imagine a familiar scene and place each item that needs to be remembered in a particular location i.e. red rose on the table, book on chair, poster on wall. Imagine yourself looking around the room in a specific sequence. Re-imagine the scene and the location of each item when you need to remember it.
  • Story methods: remember a sequence of key words by creating a story and including memorable details e.g. ‘the little girl wore a bright yellow hat as she walked down the narrow street…’.

SOURCE: https://www.cyberaware.gov.uk/passwords